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Have you ever wanted to  save the galaxy but you aren't super strong, or resilient, or smart and you're only skill is that you have the charisma of a Disney male protagonist? Well then this game is perfect for you. Travel through the stars with the crew of the ship, the Pompulus, and it's crew. You have Paula, the tough and vicious pig warrior. Then there's Clank, the resilient and resourceful turtle sharpshooter, who never comes out of his shell. Next up is Pablo. This cute little guy is still just a baby chick and can't seem to overcome his lisp or his wild emotions, yet he's the best pilot this galaxy's ever seen and has the brains to tell you every reason why. And finally, Ratthew, the rat captain of this weird, seemingly incompatible crew. Ratthew can't run fast, or pick up heavy objects, or do simple math, but he can dissolve any conflict in seconds with his wit and his charm. Now get ready to join Ratthew and his crew for the adventure of a lifetime.

This game is about problem-solving. While it is fun to just attack and beat up every villain that you see, that won't get you far in this part of space. Face problems such as a collapsing planet, an ancient god reawakening, a 3-way civil war and more! 

Chapter 1

The first chapter of Ratthew - The Space Rat is training camp. The player follows the four crew members as they go through the Galactic Oversight and Solution(GOS) training camps for their positions on the ship. Ratthew is in the captain camp, Paula is in the warrior camp, Clank is in the mechanic camp and Pablo is in the pilot camp.

Support the game on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/guildmm/ratthew-the-space-rat

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle


Ratthew.zip 24 MB


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Cool Demo, i really like the artstyle. It would be nice to see some of the problem solving you are talking about in the descritpion.

thank you

Cool music and art style!

Thank you. I am working on multiple games now, so I am not sure when we will finish this one.

Looks like a fun platformer and the music fits really well

thank you. We are going to update it soon. 

That is some slapping bass man!! Best song ever!! and best trailer ever as well!!!!

Thank you. we are working hard.

If you ever need a beta tester you can count on me!

thank you. I will let you know.