Sometimes you may feel bad. It may be not the end of the world, though. What is the real end of the world?


WASD or Arrow Key to move

R to restart from the latest checkpoint

L to leave the game(because Esc can be bad for WebGL versions)

H to close this menu

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags2D, Short


Download 21 MB


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Nice mechanics, it took me a while to understand the controls and to get to check point 2. Are you working on more levels?

no. I am going to make more games in the future. However, I am very busy this semester.

Hey man its awesome. I liked that Happy Wheels concept.(or Gravity Defied :D) 

thank you. :) exactly. Gravity Defied was awesome. I played it on phones with buttons. :D

This Reminds Me Of HAPPY WHEELS! Great Job

Thank you. :D I was inspired by the Gravity Defied game. It is a very old game from 90th or the beginning of 2000th for very old phones.


Hi Orfeas! Are you playing every game i rate (or at least rate well)?


play them :P and rate them both :P

Made a video on this.

Thank you. IT is so fun to see someone playing this game. :D

:D the spike level took forever

This was quite fun. Had a hard time getting over the spikes, and one time i managed to glitch quite hard, but that was part of the fun.

Thank you. It was not supposed to be hard. I am glad that you could handle it.

This is quite interesting! Got stuck a while at the spikes, but made it at last haha!

Thank you. :D it is not supposed to be difficult. It was more difficult initially, and I asked my friend to try. He could not cross the spike area at all.

cool game i had a hard time on lines and spike's

It is short and should not be challenging. :D however, i still added the spikes so it would not be overly easy. 

WOW, I like your game. Its starting and ending is very nice and unique compared to other games.Also, I was in spike place and I died but went to the 2nd checkpoint. And I think the exit button does not work in Webgl version?

But, Overall it is very nice game✌✌😊😊

Thank you. WebGL does not have a quit function because of its html nature. :D You could not miss much by skipping that spike place.

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At first I thought it was going to be a text adventure and then it morphed into a Trials-style bike game. :) It took a little while to figure out that up makes you go forward but after that it wasn't too hard. You get a good sense of speed and I liked the loop at the end.

The R restart button came in very handy!

Is that Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights I'm hearing on the second part of the game? I only know that because I listen to Hollenthon.

Thank you. It is a cover on the Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights. I use it frequently in my games and videos. :D