Welcome to 1485, where a casual adventure awaits. Build your way up to royalty, or simply find a way out of this medieval hellhole.

In this game you can experience:
* adventure story
* medieval life simulator
* noble career simulation
and more.

This game is free from monetization and advertisements.

Also, you can find this game on Google App Store:

Bonus cheat code( menu -> cheat) that gives you one set and 100 coins: "kickstart"

I hope you like it.

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Funny, Life Simulation, Medieval, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer


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bought something, that something is not in my inventory, that something is smith set, yeah, grinded on that 2K just to disappear, skill issue on me i guess


its so buggy. i ended up dying even though my mood and health was fine. it happened when i slept but my hp was high enough that i shouldn't have died. there are also tons of issues with saving and clothes. in the state its in its borderline unplayable. if it didn't have so many bugs it would be a good time waster (if a little grindy)

yep. I lost the source code a year ago... I am sorry. I will fix it if I find it one day. It would be easier to create a new one tho :D 

so did you find it

Dam Vlad gud job

thank you very much. It is so cool to watch others playing it. I made it a year ago, and it was my first game. :D I was very proud of it. It even had an extra game in the end of it.

Deleted post

Very cute game. :) Keep up the great work.

When I bought a business nothing happened.  It also randomly reset my to day 2 after like a month.  I really like the game though


Sorry. I did not update the game for a while, and the Unity engine changed how the Unity WebGL works. I may check it out later. Also, I may make a new game later. Thank you for trying. :)

Are you going to fix bugs still i found one

sorry. I started other projects. This project was a one-time run. I may check it out later, though. :D thank you for checking it out. 

ok but if you are gonna make the sequel (if you want to) then make sure to also make the saving save the current outfit that you are wearing

sure. Thank you for the tips. :D I may forget things as a solo programmer and designer.

I Love Those 2D Environments You Made There Vlad! Great Job On That! Great Mechanics, Story, Dialogs. 9/10

How Much Time Did It Took You???


Thank you. :D I enjoyed making it. It took me a couple of weeks to make.

I just downloaded it from the Google Play store, it looks good! I'm wondering if anyone else has had a issue where if the dialogue text is kind of long it gets cut off? And if so is there a solution or is it just a screen resolution issue or something? Or is there a scroll bar that I'm just not seeing?  

There's definitely other things getting cut off my screen sometimes  like the market sell button, and some stuff on the title screen

played this for quite a while. Which means high addiction factor.

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Thank you. :) I enjoyed creating it.


I just want to say I love these kinds of games and it looks well put together, I wanted to tell you that when I used the consume 5 berries thing my the berry count went into the negative but I could still eat the berries thus making collecting food useless. 

It must be a new bug. The game is old and the Unity WebGL system changed twice since I released it. I did not update the game for a long time. :D I am very happy that someone still tries it.

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I had a nice time playing this game! Managed to collect almost the 10000 coins to pay the doctor. For me the fastet way was to cut wood and then selling it, the jobs felt too slow to farm money, but I don't know if there was a faster way.

The game crashed at some point with a pop up in the navigator telling me something about out of memory. I can send you screenshoot of the error message if you want. Anyway I had a nice time playing the game and probably I will try again to see further things.

Good job.

PD: The music was awesome!

Also, when I load the game, my clothes convert to the default ones, and I have to gather leather to make clothes again or buy job uniform again!

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sorry for your inconvenience.Since i created the game unity system and webgl changed twice. I stopped updating it because i had a lot of school and other projects. It is difficult to do everything alone. :D I hope that i will have more time checking it out later. I am sorry for your inconvenience again. If you want to replay that moment quickly you can use the cheat code that is in the description. Thank you for playing it. I appreciate everyone who tried playing my games. :)

This game is awesome!! The narrative is addictive, it makes you wanna know what happens next , and I can't get enough of this music, reminds me of some of the RPGs that i used to play at my old Nintendo DS. The artwork is fantastic, and I just found out that the Developer's avatar is just like the old man that shows up in the forest, but a younger version of him, not sure if that was intended or not hahah.

Anyways, great job on this one, looking foward for new updates :)

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thank you. I had fun making it :D
The old man pic is intentional. it is my first finished game and I like the idea of the old man as a character.

Hi! This was so fun! I had a great time, until I got an error that there wasn't enough memory to continue. 

What I like about this is how fun it is to build yourself from the very bottom in a fun, mostly intuitive way! This game is my kind of game and I really, really had so much fun with it!!I would have played it until the end if I could.

In the future, here are some problems I noticed when playing. I hope they help you improve on your next project!

1. Old Man: After finishing all quests, you can still have buttons to ask him about those quests. You can even make multiple axes to sell at the store, which seems kinda weird.

2. Hunting doesn't give meat, which seems incredibly weird, since one of the cutcenes you get to eat the meat. If you do this, it would increase the value of hunting, since hunting itself is super low value, considering you only get one leather after 2 hours, that sells for 5 gold.

3. In the village, if you sell clothing sets or leather in the market, the option to sell them just says '1'. It won't tell you what you're actually selling in the menu. That's bad!

4. Village marketplace: You should be able to see how much items sell for before you sell them. This is very common sense for most games.

5. Jobs need to be reworked to a huge degree to make them fun. I couldn't test smithing job, but all the other jobs below it could never make enough money to justify doing a job. You could always, always make more money by selling wood than doing anything else in the game. That doesn't mean the wood needs nerfed. It means the jobs aren't fun. I'd like to see jobs that are different, not only in how much coins you get. Maybe the cooker is lower paying but you always get a free meal. Alternatively, you get a skill over time that lets you cook your own dishes and sell or gain more HP/Mood from eating mushrooms. Maybe the barkeep is lower paying but increases your mood since you get free drinks/time to chat with patrons. Carpenter could give you a building price decrease over time that lets you pay less for buying a house since you can buy a fixer upper and improve it yourself. Maybe Smith gives you a skill over time that lets you craft better axe/bows and can sell for more in the shop to make gathering sticks/wood worth it for crafting items. 

There's so much possibility here that I would love to see in your future projects!

Thank you so much for taking the time to build this and thank you for doing such a great job!! I look forward to your other works!

Hi. Thank you. :D I am not sure if you saved before the error happened. Browser and Windows builds may have the same saves so you can experiment if you want to continue.

All suggestions are fantastic and very useful. I had very many plans for the game. The game was supposed to have animations, more sounds, a giant map, minigames for jobs, and a reputation system.

I just got pushed out from its development because I got a lot of school stuff to do, and some development teams wanted me to help develop their games.

I hope to make a multiplayer or single-player sequel to the game when I become more experienced.

Hi again! Wow, school is super important. It sounds like this game you were planning was going to be epic~! I hope your schooling goes well and you keep up your awesome and creative attitude! This looks amazing and I just wanted to say that I wished you the best of luck on future projects. I believe in you!

Thank you very much. :)

The cheat box won't let me type.

it is weird. It works for me. What version do you use. Pc or android?

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PC windows, also the clothes are glitched

and what browser? I do not have anything like that.

Google chrome

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Sorry. I did not see your message until now. I cannot figure out what is the problem. Can you try any other version or browser? I tested it more times, and it works on all my browsers. Did you update your drivers?

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Made a short, silent video on this. After 6 minutes it glitched out and went black without saving. How do I make an Axe, Bow, clothes, etc?


Thank you. It is so nice to see how others play it. :D

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Hey, if you go back to Now You See Me's page, you can get a new level! (you already paid)

And my Discord server link is on my creator page


ok, sure. Thank you. :D


The discord link does not work.

Very nice game. I love the art style and the storyline and dialogue, very funny.
It made me curious to continue playing to see what happens next. The whole "man from the future" thing was a funny twist to the story as well.
The UI is very nice too, well it is the main game mechanic if I'm not mistaken.
The only thing that I could suggest, is to add maybe a walking animation and animations in general, otherwise congrats on this game! You did a great job!

Thank you. I love your ideas.

Really cool game!


The pixelated art style.

The upbeat and varied music. Sounds very appropriate for this type of game in this setting.

The Skip button (made it easier to progress through the game faster

Intuitive gameplay (the size of the buttons was nice and the text was easy to read). For the most part it was easy to figure out what to do next.

The day and night cycles were really cool.

Being able to eat food 5 at a time.

The ability to play the game in the web browser.


It appears that the only way to see how much money you have is to click on your inventory. I think there should be a money counter on the main screen to make it easier to see how much one has collected.

Once I got to the town, it was clear that I had to make more money, but not so clear as to what the best way was to do that. I became a cook but found it difficult to earn money that way. Even selling sticks didn't do much good when the doctor bill is 10,000.


It appears that this is your first game and if it is, it is very well done for a first effort. I could easily see this game in an App store or something. Good job!

Thank you. I had to make the game easier to finish. I did not expect people to get to the village. I was not the only person making this game. My friend drew some assets, and some assets I got from the unity asset store. The prototype looked like this.


Wow, the game has come a long way since then! The new graphics are a definite improvement!

cool game, I like the upbeat music and the game feels pretty nice to play. I wish there was some kind of warning before hand when my mood went too low , I didn't expect to die. Maybe make the main character slouch or some kinds of visual feedback would be great. 


Thank you. You are right. I had to add some warning. You can save there tho. so you would be able to restart from that point.


what I take from playing this decent demo is when your avatar consumes a food item like berries, allow the person playing to consume more than one food item in the form of a multiplier ranging from x1 to x5 for instance beside that little complaint I find the game worth my time and hope you keep adding to it.

(2 edits) (+2)

Nice idea. I will try to implement it with next update. Thank you


well I found somewhat of a fix to the Consumption of berries and mushrooms without having to be hassled as much as possible.

Find your way to this backpack UI and place the items where this pic shows and left click your mouse till you've consumed the health and or rest items till your up to max or as much as the items allow.

Nice. I am happy to see that you keep playing it. I hope to fix these things this month. This week we were working on the game for the mashap jam. You can check us here soon.

we will have a game that we will make just in 2 days.