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Hey Vlad. You haven't set the tracks to streaming. Default, Pc, and Webgl settings need to be set to streaming because I still hear the scuff marks when the music plays. When everything is set to streaming, the music plays smoothly without sound obstructions. 

hi. The last link worked. I uploaded the new version as a webGL instance. Good job. I love the new version. :D 

hi. all right. it works! thanks, Vlad. I can't wait to check it out. I hope many gamers like it and play it too!

Hey, Vlad. I just played the new Laser Rage. The new Laser Rage plays great. This is the version of and the concept I envisioned Laser Rage to be when we first worked on it together! 

sounds great. I am happy you finished your idea. :) And i am sorry that i did not help more. 

Awesome! So retro!

hey. you never set the tracks to streaming. 

i figured out what to do. i found the giant sized spider bosses and i changed their colors to blue. i changed the 4 spider bosses at the end all to blue color. and i scaled them bigger for big effect at the end! and i was able to re set the score to win back at 1000000000 points too. i fixed it tonight! 

hey vlad i didn't notice this before but the project folder you sent me of laser rage has problems. when you get to a billion points the score doesn't stop. it keeps going well past a billion points and the spider bosses never appear. can you fix it? and send the folder again?

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setting all wav and mp3 tracks to stream in both pc build and webgl build override motion not only stops any skips or scratches of songs during gameplay but also fixes and stops any freeze of menu screen after you press start whether it is a second freeze or about a second freeze or even a longer freeze. setting wav and mp3 to stream on both pc build and webgl build stops it all  

to fix the level jumping from level 1 to level 40 for example after you first die to make it go from level 1 to level 2 again as norml when you start over in the game clicking either start or restart in the game you delete the word static in the line of static public intel = 1 in the visual studio on levelmanager.cs in visual studio and that makes a direct change from visual studio to unity project making the level go from level 1 to level 2 and so on as it is supposed after you first die in the game and after you click restart in the game  

to fix audio issues set pc build wav and mp3 tracks to stream and set webgl build wav and mp3 tracks to stream

check out my new project LASER RAGE 2 by macha777 ( 

Hey vlad! Made a video featuring this game: 


hey. cool video. thanks for the credit. i created it and vlad developed it on unity. i came up with the animated spider enemy type and the concept of the game. how the player should look. the laser fire. the laser fire color. we decided on what music to use in its original form. vlad designed the yellow structure that features the bending of player and enemy types. i created the God mode and 2 player modes. the game is hard cause that is the challenge of getting a billion points on 1 hit death. my inspiration for that were games like robotron 2084 and nex machina death machine. classic and modern arcade shooters. since i have the project i've been experimenting with different music tracks to use and see how it plays with new music. i found a new piece of music in there called common fight. and there is a coin and coin man in there in the project and i think vlad will do something with that in like a coin shop and coins to add to the game to buy cool things like a shot gun to use against the enemy types like animated snakes in the game.  i have some pixel art for weapons i think can be used in the game shop once it is in the game. and Laser Rage is an addictive twin stick with big purple laser blasts. i love playing it. i play the game every day!  


and on my page i put Laser Rage up using music tracks like  stage 5 and Human Error for addictive gameplay!

hey vlad i found out to fix the music track problem with the project i would need help from you doing this: structure an audio controller, where all audio files are loaded in at the start of the game, then the audio controller persists between the different scenes. and to load in music as needed in the gameplay scene through the Resources folder or with the new addressables system!

what do i do to make the menu screen not freeze for 5 to 10 seconds on pc windows build? 

i do not know really

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i make the pc build. i click on the icon. menu screen appears with music running in background. i click start. i click single player. after that it is supposed to go right into the gameplay. but instead of going into the gameplay quickly it just freezes with music still running in background and it freezes for about 10 seconds. after the 10 seconds it takes you into the gameplay and the game runs as normal. but when i go back to the menu again after dying and press give up and then click single player again or this time click on God mode it freezes again for another 10 seconds. but when i click on retry it doesn't freeze. but it freezes when i click on single player and god mode on menu screen. i have tried to get an answer about it on unity but i haven't been able to get answers there. could it be the computer i'm using? because when i click on the menu screen for god mode and single player it doesn't freeze in the unity play window. it just freezes on a pc windows build. is there a way you can find out? 

i know the answer. it's the music tracks. on my end for some reason the more music tracks added the longer the freeze. but less tracks added the lesser the freeze. on my end it's the music tracks. how do i fix it so no matter how many tracks i add it never freezes?

the menu screen freezes for 10 seconds on pc builds. how do i fix it?

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i wanted to ask on the pc build the menu screen stalls for some seconds before going into gameplay. how do i fix it? after the menu screen stalls 10 to 15 seconds it goes into gameplay and the gameplay is fine. but it always stalls at the menu each time i go to the menu for 10 to 15 seconds. the menu screen even stalls and feezes for 10 seconds in unity.  here is  pic of messages i get from this: 

hey vlad. are you on discord?

hey vlad. i don't know how i did it but i was able to transform the stage and boss themes into scratch free mp3! and they are now in Laser Rage showcased in all their glory during gameplay on my page! 

That is amazing. I think that you could convert sounds to mp3 if the format were the problem. 

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in the wave files the graph patterns were still too large in wave. the graph patterns needed to be smaller and threaded thinner to be a true mp3 sound file. it was the only way to take the dna out of the wave files. that's why when you try to do a convert it didn't work and didn't change. so i searched far and wide and found a special digital editing system that cost a ton of money and made me buy an external hard drive cause it takes up so much download space on your computer. this special digital editing program made the graph patterns smaller and threaded the wave file thinner. and that works. and it worked. and it allowed me to put the songs in the game as they were meant to be with the newer songs in the mix during gameplay!  

hey vlad. SUCCESS! SUCCESS! it WORKS! it WORKS! i CAN'T BELIEVE it! i CAN'T BELIEVE it! BUT it WORKS! it's a SUCCESS! you did it, man! you're THE MAN! i now have added skip free MP3 music tracks into the game as a WEBGL Build and it is on MY PAGE! and the music plays beautifully. it's a beautiful thing and a AWESOME moment to play Laser Rage with spiders and snakes with the NEW MUSIC in the game! this is AWESOME!     

hey vlad i deleted the onedrive and downloaded it again and somehow in doing that i am now able to drag new tracks into the space. and i can access the scene with new structure that make spiders and snakes bend. I don't know what will happen next but i'll keep you posted on this possible promising news!

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on my end on unity i have a hierarchy. under that hierarchy is main camera with cube symbol, main menu controller with cube symbol, UI with cube symbol, audio controller with cube symbol, and scene changer with cube symbol. all of this is under hierarchy tab. when i click on audio controller with cube symbol under hierarchy it reveals the inspector and the gameplay tracks i can change and replace. in-between hierarchy and inspector tabs in the middle of both of them is the project tab with a folder icon next to it. and under the project tab with folder icon is assets and inside assets is music and when  i click on music in assets under project tab i can import songs import mp3 songs into the empty space. once it is put in empty space, i can then create new audio slide in gameplay tracks and put the song in there. that's how i can do it. does this help?      

tbh vlad deserves to be paid for this Andy XD, he adds every single feature you request!!

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tbh Laser Rage needs audio that doesn't skip or scratch. gamers have played laser rage and they tell me they hear skips and scratches during the audio and that's because the audio are wave files. i've found out that wave files cause webgl builds problems. problems like skips and scratches when you play the webgl build and play the webgl build on a game site like itchio. now if itchio could somehow make it happen for windows 64 bit builds to be played in a browser then the audio wouldn't be an issue. it then wouldn't be an issue because windows 64 bit builds have no audio issues and they don't have any skips or scratches on them either. but itchio currently doesn't allow a gamer to have his or her game played in a browser that is a windows 64 bit build! so there within lies the problem. and wave files cause problems for audio on webgl builds and on game sites like itchio 


and i'm still trying to figure out why wave files cause such a big deal for webgl builds and for game sites like itchio. i've tried converting the wav to mp3 through audacity and that doesn't solve the problem cause it still skips and scratches in webgl build which means it will still skip and scratch on any game site no matter what game site you put it on.  and i tried writing about it in itchio community and nobody there has any answers. this is the ultimate problem and dilemma 

XD sorry


can you help figure out why wave files always make webgl builds and on any game site skip and stuff? because mp3 files don't skip on webgl builds. but for some reason wave files do and i cant figure it out or how to fix it. 

idk I don't use Unity sorry

hey. i need a new brotley build cause the game won't run on my page. it stalls at unity logo. can you make a new brotley build with the snakes and level changes i can upload and have shown on my page that doesn't stall at the made with unity logo screen part? 

Hi. Sure. You can download it from this page now. It is uploaded as

okay. cool! and sometimes when i play HTML games on itchio that has music like Laser Rage lol i hear random scratch sounds. kinda like sound obstructions. is that a normal and a common thing? or is it an issue that can be fixed?

I have no idea. I never had such problems. Can you describe it more precisely? 

sure. when i click run game and play the game sometimes during the music playing i hear random scratch sounds that come out of the blue. like skip sounds. they happen randomly. sometimes a few seconds after a song starts or during a song or just after a song ends and a new song begins. i don't know what causes it. is it because of the computer  i use? or my computers sound card or speakers? 

it's weird. when i play Laser Rage on my pc and TV with the windows 64 bit version i hear no scratch sounds. but when i play Laser Rage here on itchio i hear random scratch sounds that come out of the blue. i don't understand it. i don't know how to correct the issue if it is an issue!

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i looked up a unity forum and for webgl builds it said: 

"Ensure UI Navigation is set properly for the Build type For WebGL builds, the controller input needs to be inverted for menu navigation To do this, select the EventSystem GameObject under UI in the MainMenu scene hierarchy" 

if i did this would this stop the scratch sounds? 

cause i have downloaded unity hub. i might be able to do some things if you could send me a lase rage project file folder that could be added into unity as a project for editing!

I don't think so. Controller input inversion will not change sounds. I will try sending you a folder.

hey vlad. i figured out why the stage themes used in our laser rage skip on my end and that is because all wave file songs skip and scratch on webgl builds no matter what you try to do to fix it. but mp3 file songs do not skip or scratch on webgl builds. so if you can please set up a folder of laser rage i can add into unity as a project for editing and song editing with the audio controller then on my end i can put in cool music that won't skip and scratch in the game through audio controller of gameplay tracks in unity and i can make the new build with the new music and send it back to you and then i can then on my end add this skip free version of the game with music on my page too. okay?   

and i bought and downloaded alan dalcastagne's synthwave pack and it is has a ton of songs and all of them are worthy to be put in and added to the existing music in Laser Rage!

and oh yeah in the license there's a victory sound of music piece that you can trigger to play after the 4 GIANT SIZED SPIDER BOSSES are KILLED at The End! 

hey. were you able to download the latest wetransfer link i sent with the merged audio file to add with existing music in the game? can you create enemy types like bees and hornets and add them with the spiders and snakes? is it possible to make 2 player mode with 2 video game controllers? and i got my hands on the songs that were available for a license that's in the game and you can still use 4 more stage music pieces and you can use the 2 boss themes as pieces of music in the game! and have you been able to create the shop with coins to buy and use things in laser rage like a shotgun and other weapons? 

Deleted 266 days ago

thank you. you can get a license for $10 from the unity asset store. Here is the link:

how about bees? can bees be the next enemy type with increasing points?

let's keep creating new enemy types and increasing the points!

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hey. i just reached a billion points on Laser Rage on 1 hit death and when i did 4 GIANT SIZE SPIDERS BOSSES came at me and i DEFEATED them just in the nick of time before i could die and my  total score of Laser Rage on 1 hit death is 1000057000 POINTS!!!!!!! 

awesome. That is nice. You got to bosses :D

yeah. i got to the GIANT SIZE SPIDER BOSSES! and hey were you able to download and add the new audio merged file into the game? is it updated in the download button for download?

hey. this is laser beam pixel FX art. let me know if you can add this in the shop with coins: 

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with the new enemy snakes and the new points and faster speeds i just cracked over 1 million points on normal mode!!!!!!!

when you're able to add the 10 audios and the coin shop with coins to buy cool things to get more points like a shotgun you'll let us know it is updated in the download button in a windows 64 bit file here on the page?

here is the wetransfer link of 10 new audios merged in order of play that i'd like added to the game 

can you put a download option on this page in windows 64 bit file to download the game with these  new changes with snakes and points? 

It is downloadable now on this page. Windows 64b. I think that you can install it now with the itchio application. I uploaded it by their instructions.
Also, I updated the level label. Now it adds a new level each 10 000 points.
I cannot find what songs you want me to add. Send me a link where I can download them.

Also, my next plan is to add coins and a shop where you will be able to buy a shotgun.

hey. awesome. i see the level changes. it's so cool how it changes. okay. i'll install it. i'll send you the new 10 audios by link here. that sounds great. let's use a shop to use coins and cool things like a shotgun to use in the game! oh yeah. i like it. let's do it! let's make Laser Rage bigger and better game to play! 

here is wetransfer link of new 10 audios i'd like added into the game. they are merged in order of play on the link:

okay. here is the wetransfer link of the new 10 audios merged in order that i'd like added to the game! 10 new audios for Laser Rage game merged in order of play!  

let's be able to buy many special items in the shop with coins like a shotgun. how about a laser cannon? or a laser burst ability? i found something on itchio. it's a cool laser blast in pixel art. i'll get it and send it to you to possibly be available to buy with coins in the shop! 

were you able to download the merged together audio link mp3 file from wetransfer link?

were you able to download the wetransfer link?

hi. Sorry. I was working on another project. Therefore, I could not update this one. I may try uploading new music soon.
If you want to check out my new project(I released it already.) Here is the link. :)

Oh. I'll check out your new project. How is it going with the shop with coins to buy things like a shotgun to add with Laser Rage? Can you add new enemy types like bees and hornets? And I'll make a new wetransfer link for you to download with new music merged together in one file to add to existing music in Laser Rage. Okay?

sure. I will try updating everything later. I just cannot promise it to be fast.

i love the new change with the snakes and points. can i download the game with these changes in a windows 64 bit file?

the game is stuck on the unity loading screen!

I think that I fixed it. Also, I changed the number of points from spiders to 5000 and they became faster than snakes. snakes give 2000 points.

yeah. you fixed it. i just checked.  i been playing it. it's much faster and cooler with the new snakes in play and the with the point increases. i like it. can you make the level 1 change to level 2 and so on each time you kill 10 snakes in a row? can you add the new copyright free songs i found into the game? can you make it so i can download laser rage with its new updates on a windows 64 bit file? is it possible to download the game with new updates here on the page? if not my email address is 

the game won't load!

i got 200137000 POINTS!!!!!!!

I added new enemy: snake 2000 points for each

Cool. I'll check it out. Can you send me Laser Rage with this new update in a windows 64 bit file to download on my computer? 

hey. i just tried to play the game and see the new update to the game and the game won't load!

i got 10063000 points with purple colored rapid laser fire!

i guess you like the game very much

I do. let's make some additions to the game! Laser Rage could use some cool additions for gameplay and gamers!

what new feature would you like to add to the game?

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since it is hard in general for gamers to get the billion in normal mode with enemies killing at 1,000 points each let's give each enemy to kill a different point value. like make the yellow ones 1,000 points a kill each. the green ones 5,000 points a kill each. the orange ones 10,000 points a kill each. the red ones 20,000 points a kill each. the blue ones 30,000 points a kill each. the purple ones 40,000 points a kill each. and the black ones 50,000 points a kill each. let's have the level change each time you kill 10 enemies at a time. so when you kill 10 enemies level 1 changes to level 2 and so on until you get the billion points. and let's add things like a shield, weaponspread, and a bomb that you can use each for two minutes. like the first 5 minutes of game is laser fire and then you use a shield for 2 minutes and then for next 5 minutes it is just laser fire and if you are still alive then your laser fire changes into a weaponspread for 2 minutes and for next five minutes after that it is just regular laser fire and then if you are still alive you get to use a bomb for 2 minutes and then for next five minutes after that it goes back to laser fire and then repeats with shield and repeats like that with all 3 special things until you reach the billion points in normal mode. and i have 10 new copyright free songs that i'd like added to the game. if you can make these changes here on itchio Laser Rage and i'd like it in a windows 64 bit file to play and download on my computer too.   

if you have a controller with a turbo function you can turn your laser into a non stop rapid laser fire!

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